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Restoring the site again and changing some directories. You may notice broken pic links and some layout issues for a little while until I fix all the posts. edit: ok I fixed most of the links and pics locally. NOTE: if you got broken links on other boards / sites it’s because I moved all

23 Mar 2012

Macbook Air 13 inch, 256gig SSD, Core i7, 4 GigRam

Got a Macbook Air to keep my iPad 2 company with an iPhone 5 on the way next month. This one I got loaded with 256Gigs of SSD and the Core i7 processor. Surprisingly my local apple store (retail store) had these in stock so I got one. Comes in a nice little box. Backlit

29 Sep 2011

New desk arrangement for the Eyefinity office

Re arranged a few machines to better accommodate the Eyefinity setup. I wanted the CPU on the table so tucked it behind one of the monitors where there was dead space. This makes for easy cable access to the back of the machine. Off to the right (out of frame) is an external hot swappable

18 Aug 2011

New PC Gaming Rig with Eyefinity 3 Monitor setup

I decided to update the game rig. I never actually posted an update on my last 2 since they were pre-made rigs (Gateway gaming PC’s). This time after some frustration with a Powerspec pre-config system I purchased, I decided to return it and custom build one. I went to Microcenter in Tustin, CA and wanted

03 Aug 2011

OCZ Vertex 2, 120 Gig 2.5″ SSD

UPDATE: This drive failed only after 2 weeks of use. NOT ready for prime time. It was great while it lasted. OCZ Vertex 2 – 120 Gig 2.5″ SSD OCZSSD2-2VTXE12 SATA w/SandForce SF-1222 Controller ~ $230. I decided to throw an SSD into the Toshiba M645. I needed something that would hold all the apps

07 Jun 2011

Toshiba M645 M645-S4118X

Decided to pick up a Toshiba M645. Price $999. The base specs are: Intel® Core™ i5-2410M, 6GB DDR3-1333 RAM, 640GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive, 14.0″ LED HD Display, Blu-ray Disc ROM and Labelflash SuperMulti DVD Drive, Memory Card Reader, Backlit Keyboard, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 525M, 10/100 Network, 802.11b/g/n Wireless, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, Microsoft Windows 7

03 Jun 2011

Hawaiian Shark Tooth Sword

This thing is bad ass: My friends Scott, Meg and family took a trip to Hawaii with Ryan and apparently saw this and thought of me. They bought it as a gift. They were right… I love it. It was hand made and they got it from the guy that made it.  I have it

25 May 2011

Red Table and Chair set

I wanted that outdoor feel indoors since we are often trapped inside the office. I went with this this bistro set. I added 2 small trees on both sides. Looking for a napkin dispenser to complete the look. The chair and table are lightweight, fold up and can handle a decent amount of weight fairly

24 May 2011

Yoobao Genuine Leather iPad 2 Case

If you are like me you have probably gotten used to the iPad 1’s Apple case that was a simple fold over design that covered the front and the back of the iPad. Well now you can get it for the iPad 2: The white stitching matches the white iPad 2. You can also see

16 May 2011

iPad 2, 64 Gig, 3G

Finally updated the blog and my old ipad 1. Went with an ipad 2, 64 gig, 3G with AT&T. I have a sprint based phone with hotspot so figure use another service provider. I heard about some minor issues with Verizon’s iPad 2’s and read about some speed differences, you are fine with either version

10 May 2011
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