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Apple 30 inch Cinema Display and Apple Keyboard.

Apple 30 inch Cinema Display. $1899. Apple Keyboard $49. Decided to go with the 2560×1600 30 inch for my main external monitor at one of the front desks. I have it connected to my Apple 17 inch Macbook pro laptop. 30 inch Apple Cinema Display. 52 inch Samsung TV in the background. The monitor itself looks cool and is very bright. It’s kinda old hat as far as 30 inch monitors go, but still probably the most pimp looking one.. haha. At one time this was a $3000 monitor. It does look nice and the colors are sharp. I play BF 2 on it and it looks nice as well. The monitor has one single cable coming from the back that breaks out into a usb, firewire, DVI dual link and a power cable end that connects to an external power brick. The monitor works great under Windows Vista and Mac OS X. The apple keyboard is awesome, it’s virtually flat and thin. It’s key layout is actually more PC / Windows friendly with no apple Mac key marks on it for example on the command keys. Since it’s soo small it takes up next to no room on the desk and you can slide it anywhere. There are also 2 USB ports at each end of the keyboard. There is also a 10 key pad area. Not bad for $49. I’m using it with Vista dna Mac OS X since that machine is dual boot (bootcamp).
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