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Arrowhead makes lightest 1/2 liter bottle ever produced…

OLD 1/2 liter Arrowhead Bottle and New Bottle above (side by side). All I drink is basically Arrowhead water. I buy this stuff by the industrial palette.  So I noticed when they changed the bottle design. They went to a thinner but taller plastic bottle. My first thought was they put in less water… but no.. you get the same amount of water.. so what and why ? Turns out they have produced the lightest plastic bottle ever produced for the 1/2 liter size. According to Arrowhead, the new bottle is easier to hold, made with less plastic and a smaller label to be more eco friendly. I liked the old bottle better since it stayed in cup holders better and was shorter to tuck away… but oh well… you still get the same amount of water so no biggie. For more information visit: 
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