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Bare Nekkid Hard Drives FTW ! Bytecc USB to IDE/SATA adapter

(old school EIDE 3.5 HDD above with power cable attached.) So you’ve had it with buying all those portable external drives, or perhaps you have 20 old systems laying around and have long left the world of IDE… or you just want a way to run ALL your SATA/IDE/EIDE and 2.5″ notebook, 3.5″ and old school 5.25″ drives quickly and easily. Well then you want the $29 USB drive mate. There are other similar products.. This one is Mac and PC compatible and supports drives up to 1000Gigs. I love it because you can always find much better deals on bare drives vs drives with enclosures. Bare drives are also smaller and easier to store.. and best of all… you can finally salvage all your OLD Hard disc drives from the 90’s that are collecting dust and use them. The unit comes with small and large IDE connectors on 2 sides, and an SATA on the 3rd side. IT also comes with a power supply that you hook up directly to older EIDE drives. If you are running SATA drives, it’s even cooler, you can run the power supply to the interface itself and just plug the SATA drive in and get power / data in one shot over the bus. Drives are even hot swappable. The unit needs NO drivers for windows XP or Mac OSX, just plug and play. However it does include drivers for old windows 98 and linux. So far it works great. Not bad for $29.
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