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Citizen Men’s Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive Watch Titanium BL5250-53L

Citizen Men’s Perpetual Calendar Eco-Drive Watch Titanium BL5250-53L…. $500 I may as well throw up another one of my favorite watches… the Perpetual Calendar Titanium BL5250-53L. I love this watch. It’s one of today’s bargains for a titanium timepiece (case, bracelet, etc) that can be had for around $300 online. You would be hard pressed to find a piece of jewelry with this much titanium in it for $300 – $500 much less a fully functional timepiece. This watch gets a lot of wrist time simply for the fact of how lightweight it is and how it didn’t cost a fortune. I would not call it a beater, but a great all around watch. Looks great on the boat and in the office. As you can also see.. it still looks new in the shots. It has very classy looks with all analog dials and operation, yet it features an alarm, dual time, chrono, perpetual calendar and water resistant down to 200 meters. I like how this watch has a rotating bezel for easy marking of the hand positions. All features of the tach markings are on the the outer edges of the watch face itself. This allows full tachometer use plus gives you the freedom of rotating the bezel to mark points in time. All the numbers, hands and 60 minute mark on the bezel glow in the dark. With the solar powered Eco-Drive and perpetual calendar, this is truly a set it and forget it timepiece… You basically only need to set the watch up once. After setup you just adjust it for drift… you have probably read about the Eco-Drove movements so I wont bore you with that info, you’ll probably only be adjusting it once a year… if that. The setup for the watch is also easier than it appears to be in the manual. Some may say it’s difficult to set up, I found it easy. You can visit their online instructions to see for yourself. You can’t have everything. The only slight downsides to this watch are when setting the alarm and the watch has no backlight. Since there is no dedicated alarm mini-dial, when you switch into alarm mode, the hands move into the alarm time position. If this time is many hours from the current time, you may have to wait a minute or 2 until the hands get into that alarm time position, you then set the alarm, then may have to wait another minute or 2 for the hands to sweep back into the current time position when you are finished. This is due to the fact that there is a 24 hour dial, so hands may need to sweep a few times around to get to the alarm time when setting it. Switching between the dual time zones is as easy as changing the mode dial from TME (current time) to LT-M which means local time (citizens “dual time” feature). You can pull the crown out one click in time mode to check which month it is, the seconds hands will sweep to a number on the face, that number is the current month (1=jan 12=december, etc.). The only other non-citizen made watch that gives you all these features in a very similar all analog face (around the same price) is the Casio WVQ600-DA series (stainless) which uses an Oceanus type movement, but unfortunately it’s a small watch (face and case) and personally I like the larger faces like BL5250. Citizen Racing Chronograph Features WATCH FEATURES: o Racing Style Chronograph + 1/20th Split Second Timing + Measures up to 60 Minutes o Alarm o Dual Time Capable o 24 Hour Subdial o Perpetual Calendar + Automatically adjusts for odd and even months and leaps years through 2100. o Date display window o Easy to read Tachometer Dial o One Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel o Illuminated Hands ECO-DRIVE FEATURES: o Never Needs A Battery – Runs on the Power of Light o Charges in Sunlight or Indoors – No Batteries to Change – Ever! o 150 Day Power Reserve o Low Charge Indicator & Time Reset Advisory CASE AND BRACELET DESIGN & FEATURES: o Solid Titanium Case o Screw Back o Scratch Resistant Mineral Glass Crystal + Crystal has an anti-reflective coating for easy visibility in bright or glaring lights o Water Resistant to 200 Meters (660 feet) o Stitched and Padded Leather Strap (model #BL5250-02L) o Solid Titanium Bracelet (model #BL5250-53L) DIMENSIONS: o Case Diameter is 43 millimeters (with setting crown 45 millimeters) o Depth (thickness) is 13 millimeters MORE PHOTOS:
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