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Coast Cutlery LED Lenser Digi-Tac I and II

Coast Cutlery LED Lenser Digi-Tac II 1xAA Luxeon LED. $30. The Cost Cutlery LED lenser series of lights are nice. One reason is because they happen to be available at many local retail outlets like Fry’s Electronics. They use a 1.25 watt Luxeon LED for a bright light with good runtime off a single AA battery. There are brighter and cheaper Cree based LED torches available if you don’t mind ordering directly from china and waiting a month for delivery.. haha. Some of those coming up for review next week. Of course with CREE and Seoul P4 LED’s being available, The Digi-Tac is not the absolute completely brightest LED light you can buy that runs on a single AA battery, but they are bright none the less and are easy to obtain at the moment online and locally. The build quality is also pretty good. Digi-Tac I (hand held in black above). $39. Why the Digi-Tac I costs more, I don’t know, it’s basically the exact same light as the Digi-Tac II but without the larger reflector head and offers more of a flood beam vs a spot beam pattern. These lights are also known as the “david” series of lights. The silver one above known as the “David 19”. For beamshots and samples you can google “LED LENSER” or “David 19” MORE: Internal View. Some Quick Specs:
  • Power Transformation Technology (PTT): for 3 C-cell power from 1 AA Battery
  • Prism Reflector System
  • High-intensity 1.25-watt LED
  • Lightweight aluminum casing, sliver
  • Sheath & lanyard included
  • 4-inch length
  • (1) AA battery included
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