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Cold Steel Voyager X2 6 inch folder. SwashBuckling Goodness in your pocket…

Cold Steel Voyager X2. 6 inch blade Folder. $124.99 Retail.  $70 – $80 street price. You want a HUGE (read huge) folding knife ? One such beast is the Cold Steel Voyager X2 ! This this is huge. It has a 6 inch blade with a large handle to match. It’s a lock back design and has a Zytel handle. The kinfe comes razor sharp like most other Cold Steel knives do. The blade is a VG-1 stainless (Japan). Despite the large size of the knife. It is suprisngly carry-able provided you have deep pockets. It deploys quickly with a flip of the thumb and flick of the wrist, perhaps not as fast a stiletto or say a Ti Lite style knife, but fast enough. The blade shape is great for stabbing and slashing (whatever you may need to chop and slash). The knife has a clip on one side that is not reversible. The Zytel handle is molded one piece with a groove for the blade. I guess this is good for a knife this size. The main pivot is riveted in place, which means if it ever gets loose, you’ll have to send it back. The blade does lock up very tight and there is no play. There is a video about the X2 here: Bottom line… I love the knife. If you are looking for something slightly over the top and want a huge knife that is surprisingly pocketable, the Voyager X2 is great. No one will expect a knife this big coming out of your pocket… hahaha Specs: X2 VOYAGER Specifications: Blade: 6″ Steel: VG-1 Stainless Steel Handle: 7 1/4″, Zytel handle Overall: 13 1/4″ Thick: 9/64″ Weight: 6.5 oz. Features Steel Pocket Clip pad 29XXC Series
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