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Front Office re-model completed… Total power consumption ~700 watts…

Click here for larger photo You can visit a few posts down to see what it looked like before. Two main reasons for the remodel was to give the office a taller ceiling for a more open work atmosphere in the same space. The second reason is to “go green” the most we can primarily for savings in our power bill and to save the environment just a tad.. haha. The work was done by myself, my brother and my father. What was thought to be a 3 day project turned out to be a 3 week project. We removed the drop ceiling, sanded, painted, and a bunch of other things. Long story short, it was a ton more work but we are finally done. Since the office is in use 18 hours day, every little device that is on during that time can add up. By using our Kill-A-Watt Meter (click for article) we were able to reduce the power considerably. We actually did this a few years back, but there were a few things that remained in the old office. The first was replacing the 400 – 600 watts of overhead lighting which was not effective with only 40 watts of total lighting footprint overhead. Also done a few years back was switching over to laptops / notebook computers which each only use 60 – 80 watts. We also added a new Samsung 52 inch LN52A650 LCD TV (Review up soon) which is one of the largest LCD panels WITH the lowest power footprint at only 99 watts in power saver mode and 230 watts at full burn brightness. Our last LCD was a 37 inch model that only used 46 watts, so we added a bit more juice in the TV department but for the size and picture improvements it was worth it. The Office has a much more open feel and the atmosphere has been improved and considering that the whole office is only using about the same power as 7 or 8 traditional light bulbs, we are happy. The power breakdown for the items that are in use most of the time: 14 x 5 watt CFL pictures lights and lamp lights = 70 watts 1 x 14 watt corner lamp light = 14 watts 3 x 7 watt desk lap lights = 21 watts 4 overhead 10 watt CFL’s = 40 watts 52 LCD TV in powersave mode -20- 99 watts 3 laptops at an avg draw of 70 watts each = 210 watts 2 Fish tanks @ 30 watts each (pumps and lights) = 60 watts Playstation 3 running Folding at home project 24/7 = 200 watts Total power usage = around 714 watts We could cut 200 watts from that total and not run our Playstation 3 24 hours a day for Folding at Home (Team Mustangworld # 37092) but we are ranked at #98 in the world right now thanks to our readers and want to do our part from the office. One thing I didn’t get a chance to measure yet was the 2 wireless routers in there so add a few watts for that. The Direct TV and misc receivers are only at around 20 watts. There is a laser printer and misc external hard drives and chargers that are not used 24/7 so those were not included. Also note that 40 watts of overhead lighting are off most of the time and only turned on for reading, I included them in the main power total because they are on in the photo 🙂 Both the Fish tanks also use the same pump and on our 50 gallon only one of the lights are turned on (out of 2) to save about 15 watts that we can put to other use in the studio… The mini studio in the rear is the next for a slight equipment makeover or just a cleanup the mess that it is now is shown above.. haha
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