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Hauppauge WinTV HVR 950.. Free HD TV on your laptop via USB !

Have you ever wanted an HDTV tuner on your laptop ? and one that captures Digital TV to boot ? Well this little guy does it. It can capture true digital broadcast ATSC HD (free off the air) in 1080p, 720p, etc. The tuner also captures from analog antenna or standard cable TV. The included antenna is tiny but is more than enough if you live in a city that has good ATSC digital TV (and HD) coverage. The antenna also has a strong magnetic base. I just threw the antenna up on the shelf above my laptop and got 12 HD channels (in pure pristine digital quality) and a few analog TV stations. With a better antenna (outdoor) you can capture many more. But for the guy on the go like myself… this is just something that saves me from bringing a small TV along for the road trip. What it wont do is capture from Digital Cable or Satellite. This is an over the air NTSC / ATSC device only. There is an optional breakout cable that allows you to capture S-video, composite and audio in SD from analog sources. I installed it on my FE770 core 2 duo which handled the software compression / de-compression of 1080p playback and recording easily. Includes PVR software for recording video to your computer. The unit costs $99
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