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HP Color Laserjet 2600n

HP Color Laserjet 2600n Street $350 – $399 That’s Karin’s ass in the photo there 🙂 I have an older HP color laserjet that cost me $3000 only a few years ago, uses almost 1 amp of electrical and takes 20 minutes to warm up and spin down, etc.. I needed an upgrade. Enter the 2600n. I Love this printer. It’s all my old color laser printer was and more. It has built in networking which is key for me. With a bunch of laptops and computers I wanted something on the network I could print to from Mac or Pc. It works. For $350 it’s a steal, again I’m used to paying $3000 for this kind of thing, so I am impressed. A great feature is that ALL the service of this printer is done from the front. Oh man how much easier this is compared to my old printer where I had to power rotate a drum for each color and the fuser was at the rear, clearing paper jams was problem matic.. on this new printer.. what a joy.. everything from the front. Of course each one of those toners is going to run you about $80 – $100 (HP brand) so you are looking at ~ $400 for a full refill.. haha.. each is good for up to 2000 pages with 5% coverage, what that translates to real world pages for you depends on what you print. Paper tray is also easily accessible. This printer matched up with the new scanner I got makes a great color copier. Why not get an all-in one you might ask ? Well in an all in one, if you want to scan something you have to fire up the entire printer, that plus a network ready COLOR laser all in one runs about $500+ at this time… a separate color laser printer / scanner is more cost effective and configurable. Plus putting a printer on the network makes sense.. putting a scanner on a network is kinda odd for me since each computer usually has it’s own scan application. So I went with 2 different units. This new color laser printer only uses 190 watts of power when running !!! and only 13 watts in standby.. a HUGE power efficiency bonus over my last printer which used 1000 watts to power. I’m using it with windows vista, OS X and windows XP with no problems over the network. It comes with drivers for all on the included CD.
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