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It’s Hammer Time… Nike Mettle Hammer Watch…

Nike Hammer Watch WC0021-001 Retail $119. Ok so you want a watch that looks like a prison bracelet ? Here it is ! Just kiddin. 🙂 It’s the Nike Hammer ! This watch came out a little while ago. I was looking for a huge bracelet style watch that was comfortable, enter the Nike Hammer. The thing that makes this watch huge is the strap. It’s about the same size as the watch itself. The watch is built like a tank and does have a unique look. It wears much more comfortable than a large leather strap watch on my wrist. The watch band is made of a soft rubber so it’s very comfortable. The strap is held in place by tucking then pressing the Nike logo through the rubber at the bottom so it won’t slide out. The watch includes two timers, two time zones, two alarms and power save modes. The timers have a graphic progress bar that looks cool. You can disable the light and the button beeps by simple toggle (holding and pressing one of the buttons). As you change to each mode you are greeted with an animated text describing the mode you are in. The time is also displayed at the bottom of the watch in chrono mode. You have a choice to display Day / Date or Month / Date along with the time on the main display. It’s a very sturdy watch and has a nice quality feel on the wrist and in your hands. It does have a mineral crystal and is 100 meter water resistant. Though changing the battery involves remove the 4 screws on the face of the watch it seems like it would be easy enough to do on your own. If you are looking for a BIG strap style watch with a unique digital face, the Nike Hammer may be for you. If you fear large watches, then you may run away from it. 🙂 Nike Hammer Description: * Digital display. * Time and date. * 2 alarms. * 2 time zones. * 2 segment interval timer with effort indicator for hard or easy training. * Chronograph function. * Cross-cut metal buttons for improved response. * Scratch resistant mineral crystal. * One touch backlight. * Pre-curved polyurethane strap. * Stainless steel bezel and back plate. * Stainless steel buckle. * 100 meter water resistant. * Warranty: 2 years.
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