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Kel-Tec SU 16-CA Rifle 5.56mm NATO (.223 Remington) Stock Rifle (no mods)…

Click here for a HUGE pic: Kel Tec SU16-CA Rifle 5.56mm NATO (.223 Remington) List $770 Street $599 – $640 (bone stock rifle photo above shown with factory bi-pod fore grip open) I have the optional parts in bags there on the table, look for pics of the rifile up with those mods next week when I also get my scope in. I wanted to first show you the bone factory stock rifle. Well what can I say, I love guns… but if you live in California you are severely limited as to what kind of rifles you can purchase and own. Assault Rifles for example are banned. What is an assault Rifle ? We’ll according to CA law it’s a rifle that looks a particular way (haha), like if it has a pistol grip, thumb hole stock or other technical infraction… it’s ridiculous in my opinion what is allowed, not allowed. If you even add the wrong accessory to your gun you might be in violation of the law.. it’s crazy. Anyway, our choices here in California when it comes to high power semi-automatic rifles are limited. There are great semi-auto rifles like the Springfield M1’s, SOCOM 16 / II, Ruger Mini 14’s / 30’s, SKS, and some others… but generally, it’s only a handfull of rifles for someone that wants to go out and buy one today. One new (a little over a year or so) rifle line to just become approved is the Kel Tec SU16 series (most of the SU line). I recently purchased an SU16-CA which is the version with a slightly thicker / threaded barrel among other things. I’ve already got pretty much all the kel tec options like the compact grip forend to replace the bi-pod convertible stock and a few other things like a case, sling, and aux rail system. Click here for a HUGE PIC: The Kel-Tec SU16-CA is great because it can also fold up and fit in a small gun bag. The rifle is very lightweight to boot. Carrying one on a long hike is nothing. There is room in the butt stock for 2 x 10 round magazines or one 20 / 30 rounder (sticks out but still fits back there). The fact that this rifle takes AR magazines was the biggest selling point for me. It means all my pre-ban AR mags will work. READ MORE: Click here for a HUGE PIC: All in all what can I say, its a great rifle for the price, as for the field test, I’ve only test fired it a few times when I picked it up and have yet to throw on all my mods and put it through its paces. I was in a rush back to make this article.. haha You can go to KTOG.ORG and see what others have reported and have done to their SU16’s. For the price, here in California, I think it’s perhaps the best rifle available. Some may hate the looks, others may love it, I personally like the look of the weapon and can’t want to take a trip out to the desert for some blasting good fun.. 🙂
Caliber : .223 Rem 5.56mm
Weight unloaded : 4.7lbs. 2.1kg
Length : 35.9″ 912.0mm
Length Folded : 24.9″ 632.7mm
Barrel Length : 16.0″ 406.4mm
Magazin Capacity : 10 rounds, or M-16 compatible
Twist : 1:9″ 1:228.6mm
Trigger Pull : 5lbs to 7lbs 22.2N to 31.1N
Sight Radius : 15.5″ 393.7mm
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