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KFC Deep Fried Apple Pie…

Some of you may remember the days of old (not that long ago actually) when Mc Donalds made DEEP FRIED apple pies. Well if you long for those days you can always head over to KFC where they still make this deep fried apple pie that basically tastes exactly like the old Mc Donalds fried apple pie of yesteryear. Of course today Mc Donalds has gone to the baked apple pie. My guess is that it had to do with the hot coffee lawsuit in that fried apple pies take longer to cool off before serving to a customer.  Even when freshly cooled you may still run the risk of a mouth full of heat if you bite into a fresh FRIED one. Or perhaps they switched to baked for health reasons (haha). But alas a big cudos to KFC for keeping the good ol fashioned fast food DEEP FRIED apple pie alive and well… haha They are $.99 cents.
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