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Macbook Air 13 inch, 256gig SSD, Core i7, 4 GigRam

Got a Macbook Air to keep my iPad 2 company with an iPhone 5 on the way next month. This one I got loaded with 256Gigs of SSD and the Core i7 processor. Surprisingly my local apple store (retail store) had these in stock so I got one. Comes in a nice little box. Backlit keyboard. 13,3 inch gives you the standard 1440×900 resolution which on a screen this size looks nice and sharp. Finally an SD card reader. This is huge for photographers, bloggers or anyone using SD for storage. Having the 2 USB ports (one each side) is nice also. Thunderbolt port rounds out the rest. If you hook it up to an external apple monitor that one Thunderbolt port turns into a couple extra USB, firewire, etc.. via the external monitor’s ports all funneled through that one tiny port on the macbook air. Power port, USB, headphones and mic on the other side. While the macbook air is a very thin computer, it has some heft / weight to it. This heft is it’s not wasted. The macbook air is VERY rigid, you can pick it up from a corner (with it open) and it does not flex or feel cheap. Very solid. Not much thicker than an iPad. Compared to it’s bigger brother macbook pro 15 inch. I love everything about the Macbook Air. It is the future of computers. Think iPad form factor but you have a real computer (a fairly powerful one) to get work done. The only downside is the price tag which at the time of this writing ticks close to $2,000 out the door for this configuration. Another $300 or so gives us Windows 7 64 bit, Parallels virtual desktop and a 1TB external USB drive. I’ll give an update after I’ve used this thing for a few weeks.
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