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Men’s Nike Big Al Digital Chrono Date Watch WC0001-001

MENS NIKE BIG AL DIGITAL CHRONO DATE WATCH WC0001-001. Price $60 – $99 Here is a unique looking watch. I was watching the movie The Departed and noticed Jack Nicholson was wearing this cool looking watch that looked sort of like a bracelet. I finally tracked it down. It was a Nike Big Al style watch. I noticed that it didn’t cost that much so I picked one up. The watch operation is as basic as it gets, there are only 2 buttons on the watch, a mode button and a light button. You cycle through 3 modes, TIME, CHRONO and ALARM modes. The light button does double duty as a set / re-set button. The light comes on when the button is used in chrono mode for example. The chrono mode is accurate to one second (no split available). Lets face it the main reason you buy this watch is the looks (if you are into it). It’s this bracelet style watch with aluminum links separated by rubber sections. It’s very light weight on the wrist and comfortable. The battery is also very easy to change and user serviceable from the rear with a coin. There are also brief instructions on how to use the watch printed on the back. The watch is water resistant down to 70 meters. The Alarm has a snooze feature. Bottom line: If you want the watch that Jack Nicholson wore in the movie The Departed, this is the exact watch.. haha Watch Specs: # Aluminum and urethane-linked band provides superior durability and comfort # Scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal # One touch backlighting # One-piece hinged buckle keeps your watch on if accidentally released # Time, date and chronograph # Snooze alarm executes 3 consecutive 7-minute intervals # Battery hatch on backplate provides easy battery replacement # 70m water resistance
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