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Nano Charger and 10440 3.6V Cells

Nano charger $6.19. 3.6V 10440 AAA size rechargeable cells $3.99 each. First off, for those that may not know, a 10440 cell is a 3.6V rechargeable cell thats the same size as an AAA 1.5V cell. With a 10440 cell you can drive un-regulated LED chips at a higher voltage and hence make them brighter. In some cases 2 times as bright. The nano charger is a nice cheap charger that comes in different configurations for different cells, but it’s very small with a flip out prong at the rear for plugging it in. There is an LED on the front, red means charging, green means it’s done. The 10440 3.6V cell works perfectly in the LOD-CE flashlight. Since the 10440 is the same size as a AAA cell you just slide it right in. What happens ? Your light basically becomes almost TWICE as bright as when running it with a normal AAA battery. The only downside in the LOD-CE is on high you only have 10 minutes of run time, but since the LOD-CE has a low and medium mode, you can always run it in low mode for longer times. The low mode with the 10440 is as bright as the medium mode on a standard AAA cell. Another side effect is that your light heats up, makes a great hand warmer in the winter (haha) but you can still hold it. The 10440 3.6V cell + LOD-CE gives you the brightest hand held key chain factor EDC light in the world (at the time of this writing… heh). At least the slimmest and lightest. Can out-flood a P1D-CE as well. Many have tested this cell in the LOD-CE and it works fine, you can run 20 of these cells in a row in this light and it wont burn out. But be warned, in OTHER un-tested flashlights with regulation circuits, a 10440 cell may fry the circuit. Any light with a direct drive or a bypass for higher voltages should work fine.
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