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Nexstar 3 SATA Hard Drive Enclosure for 2.5″ Notebook Drives

Nexstar 3 makes some cool enclosures. I needed one with SATA abilities so I could throw a laptop drive inside and have it powered by the USB bus. Cost is $30 480mbps through USB2. 3GIGA through the eSATA connector. Like most 2.5″ externals.. drive is powered off the bus power. No need for external AC adapter. Now for $30 you also get a SATA interface bracket to install in your (non laptop) computer case and a few cables including standard USB along with a SATA flat cable. A nylon soft zippered case to carry your drive and a cable is also included. The case is all aluminum for good heat dissipation and includes screws. Works on both windows and mac systems.
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