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Nintendo DS. R4 DS Card Brief review…

R4DS card $40 Comes with a Micro SD card USB reader, carry case and CD. Note CD does NOT contain ROM files, only software for the R4 card. For those that don’t know… What the hell is an R4 DS card ? It is a card for the Nintendo DS game system that allows the play of backed up game ROM files, Videos, MP3 and homebrew applications and emulators, which means Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES and SNES games as well. Only play backed up roms for games you own ! This card is similar to the DS Simply and other cards on the market. The card is plug and play. No changes to your DS are required. What you do is copy DS game ROMS to a micro SD card. You then put the micro SD card into the R4 card. the card then goes into your DS / DS lite. You then turn on your DS and boot up onto the card. The card lets you play videos, MP3’s, DS roms, etc… For a more in depth review you can search Google for R4DS reviews here.
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