Seiko Monster with the new $4.50 resin band…

Another reason I love the Seiko Monster series of watches is how easily you can change the look of the watch with watch bands. The monster can use virtually any 20mm width watch band. The above watch band cost me only $4.50 and is available at any Target or Walmart store in the watch department.

07 Mar 2007

WalMart Sepcial… the Kershaw Blur

Kershaw Blur. Street $59 Made in USA. The Kershaw Blur is probably the best blade that you can pick up at any WalMart. It’s also an auto assist open knife, which means a quick flip of your thumb makes the blade fly and lock open. The blade is firmly held in place when closed. There

18 Feb 2007

Mio Digi Walker H610. GPS / MP3 / Video / Game player…

Retail $499. Street $350. I’ve heard of the Digi Walker from a commercial on an DL.TV show. They just got them in at Fry’s and had them on sale for $350 so I picked one up. I’ve got a shiit ton of GPS devices (some older I got years ago).. what like 10 units last

14 Feb 2007

Sog Flash II Black TiNi…

The SOG flash II is one of the best “over the counter” knives on the market (for the price). Not quite a Wall Mart special, but you can find it at large chain sports retailers like sports chalet, etc. Flash II Black TiNi 3.5″ blade .125″ thick, 4.5″ closed, 8″ open, 3oz, Steel AUS-8. Made

12 Feb 2007

Casio Pathfiner Watch PAW1200-1V… perhaps the most tech / geek watch you can get in the world for the price…

Casio Pathfinder Watch model: PAW1200-1V Retail $300, Street $200. First off I love Casio watches. SPECIALLY the geek / tech watches like the calculator and multi sensor watches. I’ve owned a ton of Casio’s over the years and always wanted a triple sensor watch that had “everything”. Triple sensor means a watch that can

07 Feb 2007

Seiko “Black Monster” Automatic Dive Watch #SKX779K1

My watch frenzy continues… I decided to pick up two Seiko “Black Monsters” Automatic Dive Watches (SKX779K1). At first this watch was not appealing to me, but after looking for a nice day/date automatic with decent movement, the monster all of a sudden began to grow on me. The growing group of online folks that

03 Feb 2007

Ballin on a budget.. Invicta Speedway II (Swiss made) and Invicta 8926 Timpieces…

Just picked up these two watches for under $400… $495 retail ($200 online) Invicta Speedway II. It’s NOT REALLY a total rip of the Rolex Daytona, but a somewhat new fresh twist on the Daytona design… 100% Swiss made watch. Remember it can’t say “Swiss Made” unless it really is put together in Switzerland… even

30 Jan 2007

Worlds First Analog with 7-segment LED digital…

Ok so I was looking at adding yet another watch to my collection. I wanted something that was classic yet offered a DIGITAL display as well so I can see the watch in total darkness. This watch has been out a while now, but I think it’s been overlooked. Fossil shows it on their site

25 Jan 2007

Picked up a Sony Mylo (to use as a Wifi Skype Phone) amoung other things…

So you are probably wondering what the hell I got this for. Well I’m a heavy Skype user and wanted a WiFi enabled phone I could use WITHOUT the computer being on for skype. I already have a Linksys wireless skype phone that requires a USB connection to the PC, though it does work great.

15 Jan 2007

San Diego Boat show PICS… found my new boat….

I spent the last 2 days in San Diego at the boat show down there… looking, sailing, motorboating and pricing new boats.. I dont have it yet.. but I think I narrowed it down to 3 boats… the bayliner 265 cabin cruiser (350HP optional Mercruiser inboard, 2 staterooms, everything, microwave, fridge, oven.. its like an

05 Jan 2007
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