Project Salvage HDD’s has begun…

Here is just a small sample of some of the hard drives I had laying in about 9 of the 20 systems I have in storage. These are the older drives going back a few years. Most range from 40gigs to 180 gigs. I’m going to use them for backup using the new USB to

17 Dec 2006

Gotta Love Little Caesars Pizza…

The cheap whore of the pizza world that you love to bang. $5 never went so far… haha

15 Dec 2006

Bare Nekkid Hard Drives FTW ! Bytecc USB to IDE/SATA adapter

(old school EIDE 3.5 HDD above with power cable attached.) So you’ve had it with buying all those portable external drives, or perhaps you have 20 old systems laying around and have long left the world of IDE… or you just want a way to run ALL your SATA/IDE/EIDE and 2.5″ notebook, 3.5″ and old

10 Dec 2006

Some cool Freeware PIM / Calendar apps…

I needed a new calendar on my PC… on my Mac I have iCal, but on the PC I didn’t want to have to go back to using Outlook. So I tried out Sunbird (mozilla), Evolution and Chandler. All are great apps and work well. I then went to portableapps and installed a whole office

07 Dec 2006

Orderd a new Canon XL and XH High Def Cameras… XH came in today…

The Canon XH was $4200 out the door and the XL was $9400 out the door but is on backorder. Pics of the new Canon video cameras up when they arrive. Just need to upgrade my little HD cameras so I got the 2 extra ones. These should last me at least 2 years or

04 Dec 2006

LA Autoshow 2007

Yes it’s been moved to December (instead of January), but the press gets to go in on the 29th and 30th. So I went on the press days.

30 Nov 2006

Picked up a Sony SZ370 P/C and 20″ iMac computers…

Just adding to the collections of machines. This iMac is awesome, I love the form factor. Both machines together were a tad under $5,000 with extended service plans and tax. I just went down to South Coast Plaza to buy them both. the Sony from the Sony store and the Apple from the Apple store.

23 Nov 2006

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 with GPS Locator

Picked up the new Microsoft Streets and trips. It was $120. What’s cool about it is the new GPS unit that is said to be 10 times more sensitive than the previous bundled version. You can also run the GPS in a USB key like mode without the cable… which is nice. Specially with the

16 Nov 2006

Hauppauge WinTV HVR 950.. Free HD TV on your laptop via USB !

Have you ever wanted an HDTV tuner on your laptop ? and one that captures Digital TV to boot ? Well this little guy does it. It can capture true digital broadcast ATSC HD (free off the air) in 1080p, 720p, etc. The tuner also captures from analog antenna or standard cable TV. The included

16 Nov 2006

Picked up a Sony UX 280P Micro Computer

full blown windows XP in the palm of your hands… AND now is the time to buy… you get windows XP pro.. AND a free copy of windows VISTA (coupon) in the box.

08 Nov 2006
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