the PS3 Photos…

All I can say about these is it’s NOT mine and that Hanniballs rules.. haha… these were also on MW ( but I had to remove them from there as I didn’t want to slow down the site.

06 Nov 2006

Vegas baby…. Vegas…. SEMA show… Part 2

Vegas is a fekkin blast… There were some cars there also… check for more updates.

01 Nov 2006

Vegas baby…. Vegas…. SEMA show…

So I’m here in the bang bus.. MW RV… at the KOA Vegas Strip RV park… which is kinda cool since you are right on the vegas strip.. haha Some pics coming into Vegas. Me fueling up the rig in Primm, NV

30 Oct 2006

Picked up a Canon G7…

Figure I’d round out the collection with a Canon G7. It’s in my opinion the most awesome compact camera on the market today.. with the new video modes to boot and Digic III processor.. it’s almost as fast as my SLR’s but at a fraction of the size. It was about $599. I added to

29 Oct 2006

Picked up another 2 new cameras… Canon 5D and Rebel XTi…

ok so i took back the Nikon D200 and D80 (both new and defective out of the box)… which is truely a bummer.. I love the Nikon colors but this is 3 for 3 bad Nikons brand new out of the box for me.. the D80 was DOA, would not turn on and the D200

21 Oct 2006

2 new Cameras… picked up the Nikon D200 and Nikon D80

The D200 I got the outfit kit with 18 – 200mm VR lens (image stable lens for those that not sure about the nikon stuff).. and the D80 I got with just the pos 18-55mm. I got them both with the lenses for around $4,000 (out the door).

19 Oct 2006

Crystal Cove Car Show

This will be the last car show held at Crystal Cove… ever. The locals have complained about the noise, etc. So the show has been moved to the Ford Design Center in Irvine. We’ll see how that works out.

15 Oct 2006

Picked up a battery grip for the 5D and some other things….

Nice thing about the 5D grip ? All METAL ALLOY battery grip… solid feel… my D30 grip was plastic 😡

09 Oct 2006

OC Autoshow Pics…

Grabbed some pics from the OC autoshow.. Check em out on MW.

07 Oct 2006

Got yet another new laptop…

I think this is my 11th or 12th laptop in the past 11 months. Part of the reason I buy a new laptop every month is I’m a geek and like the latest and the greatest.. but I also need backup computers since I beat these things up on the road. I’ve already damaged 2

02 Oct 2006
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