New Shakes at Jack in the Box…

Doh ! Jack in the box has new shakes. Same old price, actually their shakes were always kinda expensive, but now they are real ice cream shakes and come with whip cream and a cherry on top…. muhahaha

30 Sep 2006

Truck gets a set of duals…

I was running the JBA exhaust on there for a while. I decided to give Mac dual exhaust a try, so far they are working great. Sound nice also.

28 Sep 2006

Queen Mary Pics…

Check out all my pics from the show on Courtney Hansen !

25 Sep 2006

See ya at the queen mary show…

Mustangs at the Queen Mary. The BCMC will be putting on another fine show this year. Check out for the pics and info.

24 Sep 2006
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