Rockets or Smarties… I guess it depends on where you come from…

My friend Aaron from Canada brought down some “rockets” because one day online at he noticed that I posted some pics of some SMARTIES candy.. “hey those are rockets ! WTF?”… well in Canada they are called rockets and here in the US they are called “Smarties” Personally I like the “Rockets” name much

27 Sep 2007

Shoes – Walmart $15

24 Sep 2007

Cradlepoint Wireless EVDO Travel Router… you own personal WiFi hotspot..

Create a portable WiFi hotspot anywhere you go $150. This is one thing that will change the future for everyone. True mobile wireless networking / routing in a tiny handheld package. Mark my words, as net access becomes cheaper, you will see families and everyone with these things accessing the internet from everywhere through these

09 Sep 2007

Case Logic Pocket case (medium)…

Pocket- Medium – $9.99 I’m not a fan of snap cases or belt holsters. I like simple slip cases. When I need the device, I just pull it out, use it, then put it back. I then just put the whole thing in my pocket I recently got a few new devices and after Looking

04 Sep 2007

My good ol Sea Doo Speedster…

It’s been a few years since I took pics.. I’m just about to sell this guy soon so figure one last dance. I’ll be getting a sailboat and dumping all my current boats, The speedster is next up on the list. Looking good for a 12 year old boat (1995). Had many fun times in

30 Aug 2007

Sprint Mogul, Mogul, Mogul, Mogul…

Ok so I got 4 Sprint Mogul PDA’s in yesterday (one for my brother and 3 for me)… I’m not going to bore you with yet another Mogul review in a blog you can google it. BUT what I will do is focus squarely on how it is better or worse than some other devices

30 Aug 2007

Traser Classic Automatic Watch w/H3 illumination and ETA 2824-2

Traser Classic Automatic black, Stainless Steel. H3 illumination, ETA 2824-2 movement, Sapphire crystal. $400. “All Traser watches are top quality, Swiss made, extremely robust and functional. Traser watches are equipped with the very best illumination technology available today. Traser watches have been standard issue for units such as: U.S. Army; Rangers, Green Berets, U.S. Navy

23 Aug 2007

Some childhood faves…

Though I think it’s somewhat of a joke saying it’s “fat free”.. haha I guess people that may not understand how sugar is processed in the body may find that re-assuring.

16 Aug 2007

Timex Data Link USB Watch #T5C291

Timex Data Link Watch USB w/Metal band. $60 Online. Also available in resin band or cloth strap $49. “A sports watch that thinks it’s a PDA! Take your schedule, phone numbers and contacts with you wherever you go. Effortlessly customize your watch settings from your personal computer. Just sync up the Timex Data Link Watch

13 Aug 2007

Del Taco Shredded Beef Combo Burrito $2.99

At about 450 – 500 calories… it makes a great power snack. Shredded beef, cheese, beans and a touch of green sauce.

09 Aug 2007
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