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Picked up a 17″ Macbook Pro, w/1920×1200 High Res & 7200 RPM HD options.

Apple 17″ highres, 7200rpm hd, etc.. $3650 w/apple care. Logic Studio 8 full version $499. Since I’m upgrading a few things in the mini writing studio for audio only… First one being a Macbook Pro 17″ latest specs 2.4ghz, santa rosa, 7200RPM drive and most important the 1920×1200 resolution option to handle many onscreen tracks.. However the largest reason for the apple purchase was the new Logic Studio 8 software. I’ve been using protools and cubase since the 1980’s, I dabbled in logic when it was on the PC about 10 years ago for a few projects, Apple acquired emagic and had their Logic 7 pro released, but it was $900 for the software alone. Well with the release of Logic 8 the price for the entire suite, logic 8, software instruments, plugins, jampacks, etc… is only $499 !!! That’s a steal…. $499 for all that is a great deal.. so you can say I bought this computer simply for Logic 8 and Reason 4 song creation. I swore that after I purchased my 15″ LED macbook pro that I’d never buy a macbook pro with regular non-LED backlighting for the screen.. haha well… I just had to have one.. so here we go.. the screen on this 17″ is the high res 1920×1200 which makes things on the screen small, but required for being able to display many tracks, plug in’s etc. And another important thing.. MATTE SCREEN !!! After putting in the new skylight, everything is very bright and you can forget working with a (reflection city) glossy screen back there now.. But we are not even close to done in the computer department. A nice PC laptop (Clevo / Sager quad core portable.. it’s nutz how fast it is) and a few tower CPU’s will be going in. A few new instruments and mixers have arrived still in the boxes… I’ll review the music instrument side (keyboard controllers, mixers, etc..) as we get closer to setting up the new furniture in there…
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