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Picked up a Sony SZ370 P/C and 20″ iMac computers…

Just adding to the collections of machines. This iMac is awesome, I love the form factor. Both machines together were a tad under $5,000 with extended service plans and tax. I just went down to South Coast Plaza to buy them both. the Sony from the Sony store and the Apple from the Apple store. this Sony SZ Premium edition (the key is “Premium” vs the regular version) comes with a LED lit ULTRA thin screen.. and let me tell you.. as an owner of (I think) 15 laptops (bought in the last 12 months) and [b]I also own another Sony SZ[/b] with the regular thicker screen… this new thin white LED screen RULES… I think it’s the best screen I got on any of my laptops. It’s bright in a HID lights kind of way… bright but not making your eyes squint. the pics don’t do it justice. Also this new SZ is very light. lighter than my old SZ. Another benefit of the LED based backlighting (like the Premium SZ’s have) vs the standard CCFL (fluorescent tube LCD) type is the LED backlit screen does not care about the temperature in the room. You turn on your laptop in the cold and your screen instantly goes to full brightness. Normally laptop screens take a while to achieve full bright. When they are cold and just out of hibernate or just turned on, they appear dim. This is not the case with this thin led based display. It turns on and off with full brightness. No warm up time needed. Plus since it was so thin, I believe LED was the only way to go in that tight a space which is why I think the same type of panel is used on the Sony TX series. Plus the LED backlit screen uses less battery power. Here is an article describing Sony’s design (on the T-series but it’s the same for the SZ Premium models) of the razor thin LED backlit LCD display and how it is actually more durable than the more fragile glass tube in regular notebook displays. I think LED is the future when it comes to displays: You’ll pay $500 more for the screen basically… but it’s sooo worth it. My model was $2400 + tax. This is a quarter and the Sony SZ 370 P/C (carbon) screen. and here is a quarter on its side. You can see the screen is about the thickness of 2 quarters… wafer thin… it’s very pimp.
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