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Poljot Aviator Alarm Sport Watch

Poljot Aviator Alarm Sport 2612/3041257 $300. Sapphire glass. Alarm. 18 ruby jewels. Water resistant 50 M or 5 ATM. Shock protection. The first wrist watch that was developed for the masses hit the market around 1920. They of course were mechanical wind up watches. Then in 1947 the first alarm watch was made (the Vulcan Cricket) which finally produced an alarm sound loud enough to wake most sleepers. In 1959 the 1st Moscow Watch Factory created the Signal and hence came the birth of the 2612 movement. Manual watches with wind up (or automatic) alarms became very popular right up until the early 70’s when digital watches began to hit the shelves. Today there are very few choices for a manual wind up all mechanical alarm watch. The 2612.1 remains as one of the worlds few remaining movements still in production for a reasonable price. I’d recommend folks that are into collecting to pick one up before they all fade into history.. heh. The watches are available as Aviator, Classic, Shturmanskie, Buran, etc. There are many differen styles of watches but all share the 2612.1 dual crown movement. The watch is simple to operate and an absolute joy to use. The alarm is by the way one of the loudest available in the watch industry (digital and mechanical combined) and it will wake you up even when off the wrist, and even when it’s laying in the other room.. haha. It’s a loud buzzing sound thats created by a tiny hammer striking a rod off the back case. On metal backed watches it’s not visible, but on a clear back case you can see the little rod and hammer action as the alarm goes off. Great for showing it off to people. How does it work ? Well the lower crown you use to wind the watch and pull set the time. The upper crown you use to wind the alarm and pull to set the alarm hand. You then set the (in this case) red arrow to where you want the alarm to trip. The alarm is tripped by the hour hand, so you can only be accurate to say within 3 minutes, but the alarm is sooo easy to use and set, it’s something you end up using all the time. The alarm hand can only be turned counter clockwise. I have this watch on a Poljot Leather strap. It comes with a sport cloth strap. Poljot 2612 Movement Mechanical lever movement Manual winding of watch and alarm mainsprings Movement diameter: 26 mm Movement height: 5.8 mm 18 jewels Functions: hours, minutes and seconds, alarm signal Shock protection Frequency: 18000 vph Daily rate from -20 to +40 s/day
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