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San Diego Boat show PICS… found my new boat….

I spent the last 2 days in San Diego at the boat show down there… looking, sailing, motorboating and pricing new boats.. I dont have it yet.. but I think I narrowed it down to 3 boats… the bayliner 265 cabin cruiser (350HP optional Mercruiser inboard, 2 staterooms, everything, microwave, fridge, oven.. its like an RV… despite how I said I didnt want another powerboat… The bayliner 246 Discovery: also a nice cabin cruiser, has everything… same engine as the 265 This one is nice because it’s all enclosed, I can go out to Catalina in winter and not worry about the splash. Though the 265 (above) also has a soft all encloseable cabin.. the 246 has a “hard top”. It’s also $20,000 more, but worth it for that hard roof.. but again.. still not decided if I’m going to get this one or these others… AND The Macgregor 26: Which of course is a sail boat.. but it only costs $40k (with options) so it’s cheap by comparison. any of the boats above will easily make my typical Catalina Island runs, Laguna beach, Dana Point, long beach, Santa Barbara and Mexico runs. and a shout out to ERIN at Olympic boats for showing and taking me around.. muhaha… shes a little hottie also.. heh. more boat show pics:
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