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SK Edge “Superknife”. A Cool Folding Utility Knife…

SK Edge lock back pocket Utility Knife $8 – $14 Retail. The SK Edge knife is really cool, if you do a lot of cutting then you are probably using a utility knife vs your nicer pocket knife. A utility knife usually looks like crap, thats where this knife comes in.. it looks and operates very cool ! The knife uses any standard “utility” blade. When it runs out, just reverse the blade for another clean new edge.. when that runs out, simply swap out the blade for another. Changing blades is ultra easy and takes seconds by simple button press. It comes with a pocket clip so you can carry it around. You can order these from Amazon or your local hardware store. The local Fry’s Electronics store here had them but only in black. Speaking of which you can get the superknife in black, alloy and a few other colors. There is also an all plastic version of it available in many colors, but I like the all alloy version. The knife folds for easy legal carry outside the workplace and it fits nice in the hand. Other similar folding “utility” knives area available from Kershaw, Husky, Stanley and many other companies, but what I like about the Superknife is the blade holder / release is soooo simple. It almost looks like a pocket knife it is co clean. There are no extra clips, clasps, fold overs, or other crap holding the blade in place. The blade is also held in securely. If you do a lot of box cutting, or are laying down a new floor and need a good cutter that looks as good as it cuts, the SK Edge Superknife is awesome. They also sell a “mini” key chain like version that uses special mini blades. I have the normal version that uses the standard size (and easy to obtain in any store) blades.
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