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SOG Micron 1.5 Inch Mini Folder… the Keychain SOG…

SOG Micron 1.5 inch, .4 ounce, Folder. Keychain Knife. $18. SOG has taken a bunch of their knives and sort of created a new brand called “Fusion” for the knives that are I guess considered more flash or don’t fall into the “tactical” category. You can see all these at . The Sog Micron is a tiny small knive that you basically put on your keychain. It’s great for opening envelopes, and other misc tiny cutting tasks. It uses what I guess is a 440 stainless steel. The knife does not lock back and is basically a simple folder. Anything smaller is probably not really that useable. But aside from a nice conversation piece, the SOG Micron is a handy knive to have around since it takes no space and weighs next to nothing. The knife fuly deployed is only 3.44 inches long. Bottom line: If you are looking for a tiny small knife or are a huge SOG fan, the Micron is a nice choice. Though at $20 each ($12 some places) it’s not cheap.
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