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SOG Spec Elite II… a Nice Big Tactical Folder…

SOG Spec Elite II $170.00Retail . $100 Street. 5 inch tactical folder. I love SOG knives. They are like the Glocks of knife world. The Spec Elite II is a nice, large, 5 inch tactical folder. It has a bead blasted 5″ blade (AUS-8 Japan), arc-lock, reversible clip and weighs in at 7.1 ounces. The Spec Elite (and Pentagon Elite models) I think are great “large” carry knives. They are the perfect balance of size and weight for those that want to conceal carry a big blade in their pockets. It also deploys quickly with a gentle flick of the thumb / wrist. and the arc-lock is ambi so you can quicky gravity throw the blade back into the handle just as easily as you can deploy the blade out.   The knife is well constructed. The handle is 2 piece Zytel with metal inserts. The knife is all screwed together via torx screws, so it is adjustable if need be. There is a lanyard loop hole and it has nice grip feel. I had a Pentagon II knife for a while and lost it. This Spec Elite II is it’s replacement. I love this knife. It’s probably my favorite blade because I like big knives. The blade almost completely tucks into the handle when closed as well. There is a Spec Elite I which is just a smaller version of the Spec II if you want something smaller to fit your pockets. Bottom line. If you are looking for an awesome 5 inch folder that while big, maintains a great balance and overall usability for a large knife form factor, pick up a Spec Elite II. Specs: Blade Length   5″ Overall Length 10.75″ Weight   7.1 oz. Edge Straight Steel   AUS 8 Handle   Zytel Finish Bead blasted Sheath   N/A
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