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SOG Trident TF-2 and TF-6 Knives…

SOG Trident TF-2 and TF-6. $100 Retail. $50 – $70 Street. 3.75″ blade. SOG assisted opening. The SOG parade continues with a pair of SOG Tridents. I decided on a Straight edge and Tanto variants of the Trident. Again I love the knives 🙂 The Trident model offers a “groove” in the handle that allows cutting of paracord and other things when the knive is closed.   This knife uses the SOG assist technology to quick deploy the blade with a flip of your thumb. There is a safety button on there (which I never use) as well as a reversible clip. The release is not ambi on the trident but works well. The handle also features a lanyard loop hole.   The trident is probably the “perfect” EDC knife in terms of size. It’s light weight, and a good all around size to handle most tasks. With the blade deployed you’l notice the handle shape is excellent in that there will be no slippagewhen stabbing or cutting even if you have a light grip on the handle. The only difference between the 2 models above is the blade. One is the Tanto style which is more for a snap-cut self defense blade, and the straight edge standard clip point which better serves as an all around utility type of shape. When open or closed you only notice a slight difference in blade / size signature between the 2 models. Above you can see the difference in size with other SOG models. Yhe Trident falls between the Flash II and Spec Elite II in terms of size. Bottom Line: What can I say. Another sweet SOG knife 🙂 A great knife for your collection or for every day carry (EDC). Also makes a great overall knife if you are looking for that “one” knife that can do it all that’s balanced between size and usefulness. The SOG Trident isalso available in many different colors and blade types: Specs: Blade Length   3.75″ Overall Length   8.5″ Weight 3.6 oz. Steel   AUS 8 Handle   Zytel w/Groove Sheath   N/A
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