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Sprint Data Cards… Novatel EX720 and Sierra Wireless 595U…

Novatel EX720 EVDO Rev A data card. $179 with 2 year contract from Sprint. Unlimited Data service $60 / month. Sierra Wireless EVDO Rev A data card. $85 with 2 year contract from Sprint. Unlimited Data service $60 / month. FINALLY an EVDO Rev A data card that FOLDS instead of sticking out flat which was ridiculous. So I decided to pick up 2 EVDO Rev A data cards so I can surf the web on the beach in my RV. I needed the 2 cards for bandwidth and because not all my devices have an express card. So this will set me back $120 per month for both cards for the service, but that is for true unlimited data.. (not like Verizon’s 5gig monthly cap). I also have an XV6700 Verizon PDA I use which I used to tether to my laptop, but a datacard solution is the way to go if you take your laptop around all the time. Sprint offers the most open EVDO Rev A data solution at this time, so I went with Sprint for my data. I still have my PDA on verizon. Both of the sprint cards work very well. One is an express card and the other is a USB. Under windows you use a simple connection manager to connect to the sprint network. On the Macintosh, you get built in support for the cards that simply looks and works AWESOME. OS X offers built in support for the sprint EVDO REV A cards. Above shows the elegant interface on the menu bar. The EX720 also works awesome under Vista. For the moment you need to activate BOTH cards with a windows machine first, then you can use it on your mac no problems. If you don’t have a windows box, you can have them do it in the store. The 595U includes a cable / stand. The 595U also has an internal battery in case you plug it into a USB with no power. Both devices work very well and offer REV A EVDO Speeds. With Rev 0 EVDO you average around 300 – 500k under a loaded network. With Rev A you average around 1200k… In general use you basically notice a two fold increase in speed over EVDO Rev 0. This is in general use… of course Rev A can peak up to 3000k if you are sitting under an unused tower.. haha The same test with Rev 0 came out 500k down and only 150k up in my area… as you can see Rev A is a HUGE step up in speed. The card is also backward compatible with Rev 0 EVDO and 1Xtt. So you basically get internet anywhere a phone works. BOTH these cards also include GPS !!! So basically you get it all in one. You can use Microsoft Streets and Trips or Google Earth and just select the GPS device on which ever card you use (Novatel GPS or Sierra GPS). No need to pay extra for this service. So when you take along your aircard, you take along your GPS in the same device… and any windows / mac software on your machine that support GPS can tap into it. For more information visit
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