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Video Game Chair – PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless with Subwoofer – Pyramat

Everything Furniture Pyramat PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless with Subwoofer $159 Video Game Chairs My friend at Everything Furniture told me about this cool new chair that was a “PC Gaming Chair” that had these built in speakers, subwoofer and was wireless to boot. After a brief description I had to have one to see how it worked. Well after a few days with the chair, I have to say I LOVE this damn chair ! I’m what you call a “Laptop Gamer”. I work and game on my notebook computers. The problem with notebooks is the sound system is not quite up to gaming specs or in the case of some laptops, not loud enough. This chair looked like a perfect solution. I always game with this chair now.. haha. It has allowed me to clear up my desktop and replace a 2.1 speaker setup I had sitting on the desk for a much cleaner work surface. You don’t really realize the convince of having your speakers right in the chair until after you’ve had them there for a while. The chair can also be used to listen to your ipod or you can wire up the chair as your 2 rear surround channels. The “speakers in the chair” form factor for an office or dorm room chair is great. HOW DOES IT SOUND ? It bumps pretty good actually. I’d compare it to a equally priced 2.1 PC speaker system, only here you get a chair thrown in ! and wireless ! and the form factor! The PC Gaming chair has the ability to fill a room with a decent volume level of sound with fairly decent bass. The subwoofer does indeed work well and rumbles / vibrates your chair when you jump in a tank in Battlefield 2 for example. Rockets, gunfire and explosions are also fun to experience in the chair due to “feel”. Because the speakers are close to your ears with a foam pad separating them, there is a good stereo image. In games you are feeling and hearing things a little better. To get a similar feel you’d have to put on a set of headphones and sit on a subwoofer 🙂 It does a good job of “putting you in the game” so to speak. The chair has 2 blue led lit speakers at the rear near the top back and a subwoofer at the lower back. There is a control center on the left armrest that has an LED display for wireless channel. It allows you to control speaker and subwoofer volumes separately, and the area has a line in jack and headphone jack. The chair back looks to have a headrest, for a full size adult however, your shoulders actually come flush with the back top. The headrest looking thing is a foam block that ensures that the speakers are not blocked all the way when you lean back completely with loose clothing. The full range speakers are 2 watts and the subwoofer is 6 watts. Now before you say anything, realize that the speakers are literally “right there” so for a fairly loud volume and a rumble controller like feel in your butt from the subwoofer, 6 and 2 watts are enough. Also note that this chair is completely wireless ! There is a sealed rechargeable battery at the bottom of the chair that allows full wireless operation. So you can roll around with no worries about the wires for a few hours. So there is a good balance of power / battery life / sound gong on here. You can also run the chair plugged in while the battery is charging for endless use. Included with the chair are 2 AC adapters, one for the chair and one for the wireless transmitter. All the cables are also included. The wireless transmitter has an on / off switch and channel selector. It’s a 2.4Ghz 8 channel transmitter and it only has to work for a few feet most of the time so for me it has worked flawless. You can just run an included wire directly to the chair during gaming if you want the absolute most direct audio path. The chair portion feels comfortable, and includes your standard reclining latch / gas piston height adjuster. There is a spring tensioner near the front underside. The entire chair is made of “wet suit like” black neoprene so it can take sweaty backs and arms well. The back and woofer plug into a control box which also houses the battery. There is a LED indicator that lets you know when your chair is charged, charging or in use (powered on). My conclusion with this chair is that at the worst case you have a nice and very unique iPod speaker system (with subwoofer and no wires to worry about power when rolling around) and at the best case you have a chair / sound system that puts you into a game more than any other sound system can and gives you an entirely new and exciting gaming experience ! You can save room on your desk and get rid of those box speakers and subwoofer and have it all in your chair. For the price, the chair performs surprisingly well. Everyone will think you spend 2 times the price when they hear it. It’s not a cheesy novelty chair, but rather it’s my new front office chair ! My other new chair I reviewed recently is my new studio chair. For $160 it’s great. Everything Furniture also has the best price I could find for it (seriously, as of this writing, I checked around): and don’t forget to use promo code: mwrules15 for an additional %15 off ! Also check out other gaming chairs here: SPECS: The PC Gaming Chair 2.1 is one of the most innovative gaming chairs on the market. With full range speakers in the head rest, and a subwoofer in the middle of the back, you really get a complete surround sound experience. Game or listen to music with this chair, it is a MUST have. PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless * Mp3 Compatible, ipod, MP3, DS Lite, PSP. * 1″ thick press molded cushion + 3 inch foam padding (seating) * Microfiber Fabric * Full Range Speakers – 2 Watts * Subwoofer – 6 Watts * Weight limit – 300 lbs * Power – 12V * Transmitter included to make chair wireless * Easy assembly-no tools required Finish: Black Dimensions: 26.7″(W) x 44.1″(D) x 27.8″(H)
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