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Worlds First Analog with 7-segment LED digital…

Ok so I was looking at adding yet another watch to my collection. I wanted something that was classic yet offered a DIGITAL display as well so I can see the watch in total darkness. This watch has been out a while now, but I think it’s been overlooked. Fossil shows it on their site with the LED’s “on” with a mock up graphic and it looks terrible. In the store it looks like every other watch on the shelf. But it’s actually kinda cool. It uses a new Ricoh movement which is made in Japan that offers a unique twist on anything thats out on the market. Above the watch face shows no sign (whatsoever) of it’s LED capability. It’s totally stealth. A true analog look to your watch ! No more looking like a nerd with a digital watch.. or little windows on the watch face. I’ve looked at a few casio watches (I love the casio calculator and g-shock pathfinder lines) and many others and found watches that had analog faces.. BUT they had little digital LCD screens on them that the watch hands would sometimes cover, plus it didn’t look as clean as I wanted. Ahh but press the button and you get OLD SCHOOL LED lighting up the time !!! The watch is water resistant to 330 feet. The photo does not do it justice how bright the LED’s light up… and it’s across the entire face.. so wherever the hands are, you can see the time / date / seconds easily. We are not just talking the time.. but it offers the time, date, seconds display and when setting the date you set the year as well. So it’s exactly like an old school LED watch (from the 70’s). haha Ricoh was one of the first companies to offer an LED watch back in the 70’s, so it’s fitting that they be the first to offer a unique ana-digi like no other on the market. The movement is accurate to within 20 seconds a month and the battery lasts about a year, remember this is a true LED.. very bright in darkness and in the light as well. It uses a standard CR2025 battery. The watch also comes with an 11 year warranty. Cost around $95… but I got mine for a whopping $49 on sale (outlet center). Not a bad deal..
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