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Ballin on a budget.. Invicta Speedway II (Swiss made) and Invicta 8926 Timpieces…

Just picked up these two watches for under $400… $495 retail ($200 online) Invicta Speedway II. It’s NOT REALLY a total rip of the Rolex Daytona, but a somewhat new fresh twist on the Daytona design… 100% Swiss made watch. Remember it can’t say “Swiss Made” unless it really is put together in Switzerland… even though this watch is a budget baller timepiece and probably costs them $35 to make… haha $375 retail ($100 online) Invicta 8926. $100 never looked (or performed) so good. Ok, I have a few watches in my collection from Rolexes to Casios… I like them all. But what I really like is actually wearing these things… and when the cash is coming out of your own pocket, it’s nice to have something that you like that’s also fairly cheap without looking cheap. My usual watch of choice to wear is (was) my Rolex Datona (white face, steel bracelet with black chrono dials). That is right up until the day I pretty much defaced it completely when putting away an air compressor in my tool shed. I felt like a total idiot after that event and could literally count each deep scratch and multiply times $1000 to account for the damage in my own crazy mind :rofl: I said never again… never again would I have something on my wrist which was so exposed that was worth over $500 for day to day wear. I locked up my bling watch collection and moved onto to a Citizen Skyhawk watch (around $300) in heavy duty stainless which I got back in 2001 when they came out. This watch rules… after 6 years it’s still going strong. I’ve added about 5 – 10 other misc Fossil, Bulova, Casio and other lower priced watches from Timex, Colman, etc.. to my collection but always longed for that Rolex Datona or something classic on my wrist. The budget Rolex (if there is such a thing).. Another awesome watch thats fairly affordable but most important very desirable to many die hard watch fans is the basic level ~$5,000 Rolex Submariner. This watch is also excellent and though I don’t have one… I would not mind getting one to wear around all the time… but thats still a lot of coin to be sitting on your wrist for day to day use… not that many cant’ afford it for daily use, but that many may think “why?” (read on). No fakes for me… Yes, like everyone else I considered getting a fake Rolex for about 2 seconds… then realized just how lame that would be and just how crap nearly all the fake Rolex watches I’ve seen really are… many are not even waterproof to 30 feet and when someone asks you about your watch what are you going to say ? “yeah it’s a fake Rolex”… I don’t think so… Rolex “inspired” or near rip-offs (in terms of the looks) is FINE with me.. haha There are a shiit ton of companies that have made watches based on classic watch designs like the Submariner and Daytona, including companies like Tag Heuer and Omega who all have watches that “look” almost like Daytonas and Submariners, but they are not. They are new watches in their own right which are also in most cases expensive ($500 – $3000). Invicta is such a company. They have basically copied the Rolex Submariner (and other styles) and have made the watches affordable (very affordable in some models)… without treading into the outright “fake rolex” territory. In the case of the Invicta model 8926, they have created a great watch “for the price”. There is simply no need to spend more than $100 for ANY timepiece currently made in the world that will give you what the 8926 gives you for $100…. a decent Miyota Japan movement, decent watch case, decent mineral crystal face, and decent bracelet. The 8926’s weakest feature in my op is the clasp which reminds me of a cheap pot metal clasp. Many Fossil watches have better clasps, but then again, this watch costs $100 (or less if you shop), so no faults really. MORE… So yes.. if you want a slightly better bracelet band / clasp… or a slightly better internal “swiss” movement… or sapphire crystal face… or something “swiss made”, etc.. it can be had. It does get better with a higher end watch model like the Invicta model 9937 which gives you the internal swiss ETA 2824 movement, better bracelet and a sapphire crystal face, but that will set you back $300. However the 9937 is not “swiss made”, but does have an internal swiss movement. Will you notice better timekeeping with a more expensive Submariner copy ? like the $450 Steinheart Ocean 1 … No. But you will get a slightly better built watch.. so if you are gonna actually dive with a watch, then the Steinheart Ocean 1 is absolutely worth it and its totally “Swiss Made” to boot. At the rear of the 8926 you can see the Miyota 8215 automatic movement. A great comparison between the Swiss movement and Japan movement can be found [link=]here[/link]. Despite how great it looks, the 8926 makes a great “beater” watch. You can buy a dozen of these over the next few years and replace your watch when it gets banged up at any time. Invicta Speedway II. I finally got my “Swiss Made” Daytona look alike, but it’s actually a fresh twist on the Daytona look, it’s a new watch in the Invicta line. Nearly all the Speedway watches are quartz powered are NOT swiss made, I noticed the Speedway II series and only a few of the Speedway I models are… it’s only around $50 more for the “Swiss made” versions.. so what the hell. The back of the Speedway II has some etched labels on it. I needed to remove a few links to size each watch. Getting a link removal tool / watch repair kit really makes things easier if you have many timepieces you need to adjust / fix / etc… So if you are a baller on a budget I’d recommend either of these 2 watches… both are classic, look and keep time great. You can order these and many other Invicta models from
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