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Cradlepoint Wireless EVDO Travel Router… you own personal WiFi hotspot..

Create a portable WiFi hotspot anywhere you go $150. This is one thing that will change the future for everyone. True mobile wireless networking / routing in a tiny handheld package. Mark my words, as net access becomes cheaper, you will see families and everyone with these things accessing the internet from everywhere through these portable hotspots of their own. Any Wifi device can now easily connect to the net via your aircard. Sony PSP, MP3, Wifi Phones, Voip clients, iPod Touch, Zune, Nintendo DS, PDA’s, anyting with a Wifi connection, now can get to the net through your EVDO card. EVDO routers like this have existed for a little while, but this one is small, has a powered usb port is priced right and works great. What EVDO routers allow you to do is take your wireless air card and share that single EVDO (rev A., etc) connection with many computers just like a wireless home router, only instead of connecting it to a cable or DLS line… you connect it to your EVDO air card OR EVDO CELL PHONE (via USB cable) ! So say you install one of these tiny setups in your truck / van / car / RV (whatever)… you can then just turn on your laptop and get online. You and your whole family and friends can get online with the single EVDO internet connection within wireless range of your car. A bonus with the cradlepoint router is if you are running a USB air card like the Sierra Wireless 595U that requires 5volts of power, no problems. The router powers the USB port and powers your phone, usb aircard, etc. The router is plug and play. You simply put your phone / pda into a wmodem mode or just take your aircard and plug it in to the USB port. The router will then connect to the internet and the “USB” LED lights up. After that you simply connect all your laptops to the router via standard wireless G, etc.. and surf. There are LED’s for power, Wireless LAN, USB (aircard port), and LAN (wired) you can also connect to the router via regular cat 5 cable. The router itself offers all your standard and advanced settings. You can setup everything from security, traffic shaping, game settings, DMZ’s, etc.. etc.. There is even a built in HTML chat server for people that stumble upon your SSID, you can then talk to them via your router and the HTML router interface. For most people not interested in changing settings, you just plug it in and go, use the standard passwords given in the manual and you and your friends are surfing the web anywhere you get cell reception. Portable The CTR-350 creates a Secure WiFi Hotspot from broadband-enabled cellular phones and modems. Enjoy the simplicity and convenience of WiFi without having to search around for a hotspot and without risking a non-secure connection. Secure Built-in firewall and secure chat allows you or your group to work securely while protecting your bandwidth. WEP and WPA encryption meet strict IT standards for WiFi security. Simple Easy-to-set-up sharing for friends and colleagues. Features * A WiFi extension to Cellular Broadband * Compliant with IEEE 802.11 b/g Standards * Tethers to Cellular phone or Cellular USB modem for WiFi access anywhere in coverage * Compact and portable * Charges handset via USB or powers USB modem * 10/100 Ethernet port available for wired uplink when available * Added firewall prevents unauthorized use of your cellular connection
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