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Mio Digi Walker H610. GPS / MP3 / Video / Game player…

Retail $499. Street $350. I’ve heard of the Digi Walker from a commercial on an DL.TV show. They just got them in at Fry’s and had them on sale for $350 so I picked one up. I’ve got a shiit ton of GPS devices (some older I got years ago).. what like 10 units last count, not counting the laptop / usb based GPS receivers I have, but including a few in dash dedicated automotive GPS / NAV systems in many of my vehicles. BUT In true geek fashion, I wanted yet another GPS device, this time a TINY / SMALL handheld unit that could act both as a street navigation unit AND a walk around (on foot) GPS. The first thing that came to mind was that I could just use my Garmin Vista Cx…. haha.. but I wanted something that had VOICE commands for the car. When I’m driving I don’t want to look at my GPS at all.. I want to hear it. So the entire line of mini Garmin GPS handhelds was out. I also wanted something that I could put in my pocket… easily. Not some semi egg shaped device that does not fit in my pocket. I also didn’t want a windows mobile PDA turned into a GPS, since the form factor is also just too big to fit in the pocket which already has my PDA phone in it anyway. I wanted a GPS that was smaller than an Ipod, oh and if it had a touchscreen, MP3 player (WITH built in SPEAKER so I can listen like a radio), Video player, SD card slot and a few games on it that would be cool also… oh and one more thing.. I WANT ALL THE DAMN HIGH DETAIL STREET LEVEL MAPS OF THE ENTIRE US AND CANADA INCLUDED AND PRELOADED ON THE DAMN DEVICE !!!! and in addition I want 11+ million points of interest, street by street speed limit data and more.. ALL included with the unit for no extra charge ! Enter the Mio H610… it has all that and soo much more… it’s nuts that it does all this in such a small package. In addition to having some killer software features, the unit itself has nice hardware to boot, like a 20 channel SiRFstarIII GPS sensor / chip, large (for its size) 2.7″ TFT touchscreen, built in speaker, 3.5mm standard mini phone jack, ALL the US and Canada (street level high detail) preloaded on the Device (and your SD Card Slot is still open / free), etc.. The unit is only 2.32″ x 3.35″ x 0.74″ and is powered by a 1300 mAh Li-ion which can be charged via included adapter or right from any USB port via included USB cable. I’m not exactly sure of the actual processor used in the device, but there must be a graphics chip in there as well who knows. The GUI is very responsive and games are smooth, including a 3D flight game. There is a loop at the bottom of the unit for a strap, SD card and lock switch is on the right side, mini USB and headphone jack also on bottom, power button on top and a return to main menu button on the left side. The H610 also comes with a bunch of stuff. I was like whoa. It has 2 CD’s (with video editing software and all kinds of stuff), AC adapter, manuals, Headphone, headphone remote control, 2 stick car bases, 1 in car adjustable suction cup arm, usb cable, car adapter, neck strap, wrist strap with stylus, and I think thats it, but it was nice seeing all that stuff in there. You probably want to check out a video that mio put together about this device: RIGHT CLICK SAVE AS: WMV MIO DEMO VIDEO FILE I can’t go over all the features, but here are some screen caps of just a few of the things in the device.. MORE…. The cockpit view of the unit can be in 3D or 2D. Data is entered via on screen keyboard which keys are about the size of a palm treo, so it’s easy to type. If a street you are driving on has posted speed limit data it will be displayed as well. Points of interest can be easily searched, you can enable if they are viewed on the map by clicking them on or off above. There is a cool screen to show GPS status. The GPS automatically goes into day / night mode depending on the time of day. Some of the other views of the map. The unit has a magnetic compass built in as well. Something that works even with GPS off. There is also weather information that can be synced into the device via computer (forcasts) for many cities. In various formats it will play MP3, WMV9, Mpeg-4, .Mov, Divx, AVI, JPEG, BMP, ASF, etc.. Now before you take a dump that it can play all the formats, note that it will only play a particular set of video formats within an AVI, Mpeg or WMV file (like divx, H263, etc) matched up with with the right audio codec, etc.. check the MIO site for all the file frmats you can play / view. All in all, for the price, it’s a pretty nice unit. It’s by far one of the smallest self contained GPS units that has ALL the high detail US and Canada maps built in (included) and leaves your SD card slot open. Add to this the fact it will play photos, mp3’s and video files and the value begins to improve. As a last mention the device IS based on a windows mobile OS but you never see the OS pop up, not even during startup šŸ™‚ The touch screen works well with just your fingers (which is all I use on all my PDA’s). I’m impressed with this little device.
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