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Picked up another 2 new cameras… Canon 5D and Rebel XTi…

ok so i took back the Nikon D200 and D80 (both new and defective out of the box)… which is truely a bummer.. I love the Nikon colors but this is 3 for 3 bad Nikons brand new out of the box for me.. the D80 was DOA, would not turn on and the D200 had hot pixels galore, even at low ISO.. so back they both went. Plus most new Nikons are made in Thailand now, and quality has apprently suffered like in my case, what are the odds 3 for 3 bad.. heh. So I instead of the nikons I got a 5D and Rebel Xti… to add to the 20D and D30 I already got… I really use these things.. over the past 10 years I’ve published tens of thousands of photos and blow through camera shutters which is why I don’t buy cameras like the1D or Dx series, I prefer something a little less expensive that I can replace later on with a newer unit. Not looking for a lifetime camera. Though this latest purchase added another $2,000 with the L lens I added to the stack. So I now have $5,500 hanging around my neck at car shows (MSRP). Canon is however offering DOUBLE rebates on new SLR’s and certain lenses (all the expensive stuff) so I’, getting back a whopping $700 in the mail for buying the 5D and 17-40mm L glass. That makes the 5D and L glass a bargin (for me) to pick up. 12 mega pixel.. but what I like the best… is FULL FRAME SENSOR! Finally a full frame sensor / mirror on one of my Digital SLR’s… finally a camera worth buying nice glass for… finally a camera that give me 17-40mm and I get 17-40mm and no 1.6X crop factor… and it makes a HUGE difference.. holy shiit the viewfinder… oh man the 5D viewfinder is much brighter than the 20D’s (mirror is larger so go figure) and of course now my 28-135 and 17-40 go as wide as they were designed to go… and it looks incredible.. I’ll take pics soon. the larger frame size is truly a big difference… below a photo from [link=][/link] showing the HUGE difference in the frame sizes.. look at how much more picture you get into the frame with the5D’s full frame sensor..
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