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Taco Bell: Volcano Taco…

Taco bell’s Volcano Taco. .89 cents. Neto Red Shell 🙂 This is a new Taco just released from Taco Bell to appeal to folks that have been asking for Fire sauce packs every time they order. So, how is the heat ? Personally I love it. I like hot stuff, this taco is not one that will turn on true hot sauce freaks or a jackass type mentality that loves to drink hot sauce for fun. It will however offer you a slight increase in heat where you do not have to ask for fire sauce along with the taco. The main reason for the heat is the new sauce. You’ll want to just eat it as is, because Taco Bell does not really offer anything hotter. The fire sauce is a tangy thin sauce that while it does add heat to the taste, does not really add flavor. The “volcano sauce” does add a salad dressing kind of after taste along with the heat so it’s a nice change. I only wish they offered the sauce in a sauce pack. I’d be stocking up on them for eating at home. There was a good amount of meat in mine (though this will vary from bell to bell) and overall a good value for .89 cents. Though you will probably want at least 2.
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