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Traser Classic Automatic Watch w/H3 illumination and ETA 2824-2

Traser Classic Automatic black, Stainless Steel. H3 illumination, ETA 2824-2 movement, Sapphire crystal. $400. “All Traser watches are top quality, Swiss made, extremely robust and functional. Traser watches are equipped with the very best illumination technology available today. Traser watches have been standard issue for units such as: U.S. Army; Rangers, Green Berets, U.S. Navy S.E.A.L’s, E.O.D Teams (Explosive Ordinance Demolition Teams). Traser watches are built to Military Specification; Mil Spec MIL-W-46374F. Since 1989 the American army has specified the use of tritium gas light sources (trasers) for military watches destined for troops. This light source ensures that watches can be read easily under any light conditions – particularly in total darkness. Swiss Automatic movement black dial Steel case and bezel, Sapphire crystal, Scratch resistant Illuminated second hand, Water resistant up to 100 m or 330 feet, 40 mm in diameter. Traser was the first company ever to use H3 in a wristwatch almost 30 years ago. ” If you are looking for a Swiss Made automatic watch with the tried and true ETA2824-2 movement, Sapphire crystal face, oh and throw some H3 Tritium self illumination on there. Well the Traser classic automatic delivers. It’s one of the few true Swiss made automatic watches on the market that has it all (sapphire crystal, ETA2824-2, H3 illumination, etc) that does not break the bank. You can find these online for $275 – $390. The Traser Classic Auto is a beautiful timepiece. Simple and to the point. There are many H3 / tritium illuminated tactical watches on the market from makers like: Luminox, Smith and Wesson, Traser, Marathon, Ball, Ollech and Wajs, Uzi, Nite, KHS, Snoon, and more. Some of them are overlap with timepieces made by the same company and re-branded, etc. If you are however looking for a traditional AUTOMATIC H3 watch, your choices all of a sudden become scarce and very expensive. I’m glad that Traser still makes an automatic model in their lineup thats fairly easy to obtain for most people and priced right. Tiny H3 / Tritium glass vials (laser sealed) above glow in the dark for roughly 20 years. No batteries, no pressing buttons, no charging up under a light, just pure glowing radioactive isotope goodness 🙂 A little more in depth: If you look above, there is a small glass tube implanted on each number position, and each of the minute, hour and second hands. These glass vials are filled with tritium gas (a radioactive isotope). Yes the same stuff used on gun sights for years. Tritium is a heavy form of hydrogen. Tritium is not stable but decays to the inert gas helium with a half-life of 12.3 years. This means that after this time half of any amount of tritium will have become helium. In this process no gamma radiation occurs and only a low energy electron is emitted. There is no danger using Tritium for illumination. The low energy electrons of tritium cannot escape the mini glass tube body or penetrate the sapphire face of the watch. The glow level is equal to your standard glow in the dark luminova paint, though with paint you can get a brighter initial glow “just” after you have charged it up under light. Tritium /H3 glows slightly dimmer than paint, but it is constant and does not need to be charged, battery powered, etc. No fear spending 8 hours in the dark with no light, your watch can still be read easily. Do not expect to navigate through a dark cave with only your watch as illumination / torch to lead you through.. haha. It’s bright, but only for reading the time accurately. Orange marker for the 12 o’clock position. The dark shot was a timed exposure so the second hand is shown sweeping across in the above shot and slightly blurred as a result, but you get the idea. So you have a traditional Swiss made ETA2824-2 based automatic timepiece, no need for batteries, etc… BUT you can still see it in total darkness for the next 20 years at least. The watch has a nice heavy feel ( stainless steel) with solid endlinks. The bracelet is very easily swapped for any leather or tactical strap you might have. The watch is water resistant down to 100 meters (330 ft) which is nice. My feeling is that would be deeper if the watch had a screw down crown, but it does not. This is not a bad thing in that winding the watch is effortless, no unscrewing the crown first. Of course it has the Swiss ETA2824-2 movement so winding is automatic when wearing the watch. There is also a sapphire crystal with a hardness level of 8 – 9 (approaching a diamond hardness). Basically you will need to try your best to scratch the face. Each Traser Classic Automatic is serial numbered (slightly blurred out mine above.. hehe). When you register the watch on their website you get an extended 1 year of warranty coverage for a total of 3 years (10 years on the H3 illumination). The bracelet is also nice and feels good on the wrist. Traser (mb-microtec of Switzerland) has done a great job with the Classic Automatic. It’s simple, to the point, no nonsense and has everything you could want for an automatic for about the same price as an Invicta 9937 which has no H3… hehe Watch Specifications: Movement: Swiss ETA 2824-2 Automatic Movement Luminance: 15 Traser tritium vials tubes. Dial: Black dial. Large bold number 1-12 Date: At 3 O’clock Case: Brushed Stainless Steel case Case Back: Stainless steel screw in back Bezel: Stainless steel with minute chapter Crystal: Sapphire glass Crown: Push in crown with double O-ring Dimensions: 40mm diameter Water Resistant: Water resistant to 100m. Strap: Traser Signed Brushed Stainless Steel Bracelet Warranty: Guaranteed 3 years (with registration) 10 years on th Tritium. Colors of the Tritiumlights: – orange above the number 12 – green above the the numbers 1-11 – green on the hour, minute and second hands MORE PHOTOS BELOW…..
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