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Ultrafire C1. V1 and V2 LED Flashlight

V1 and V2 above. $27.99 Each. RCR123A cell. Cree XR-E P4 Emitter. Fenix P1D clone. The light has a good build quality and great chrome like polished finish. Many call this stainless steel which it may be. It’s slightly heavy but sturdy. This cree led light has a great form factor like the original Fenix P1D which is smaller than the P1D-CE and brighter… as well as half the price. Compared to the 3W MXDL Cree P4-WD this light is heavier and able to take more abuse in the field or in your pocket with keys. In fact the V1 pictured above has been in my pocket for a week with nearly a single scratch on it. The finish is very durable. It has a glass lens. Whats the difference between the V1 and V2 ? Basically nothing. the V2 is supposed to have it’s head epoxied into the top to prevent it from falling out when changing batteries, but I’ve found both versions to be identical so far. My gripes with this light are the stock rubber gasket may be 1mm to thick, one handed use may be hard unless you grease the gasket seal of the twist on / off top. Another is that batteries jiggle inside the light, you need to put a shim inside to prevent even larger RCR123’s from shaking around inside the light. The third gripe (but not really) is a 30 – 35 minute run time BUT you get 30 minutes of one of the brightest lights in the world in this size class. You are basically running a Cree XR-E at full burn. There are no other modes of this light. Full on or off are your only choices… so have some extra batteries on hand. After the 30-35 minute burn on rechargeable batteries (40-50min on non-rechargeable) the light goes into a ultra low mode for a few more minutes.. so you do get a warning of when you are about to run out of light and need to get another battery. A great light for about half the price of a P1D-CE, brighter, though a slightly shorter run time and only 1 mode.. HIGH.
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