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Winegard RD-9046 Portable Satellite Dish system…

Winegard RD-9046 $180 Winegard Signal strength meter $40 200 foot cable x 2 $20 each. So you are looking for DirecTV on the cheap for the road ? Well take along your home receivers and just buy a dual LNB dish setup like the RD-9046. Set it up in the middle of nowhere or in the parking lot and bam you are in business. You can run 2 receivers with this setup. Throw it on a roof top, truck bed, table, chair.. even the ground, anything fairly level and it should work no problems as long as you have a fairly clear shot of the sky. All folded up with 2oo feet of cable (100×2) for 2 receivers. There is a built in level and compass on the base. the system base has elevation markers and a cheep compass for azimuth / direction. I used my Casio Pathfinder watch which has a digital compass for the heading. Go to your receiver box setup menu and input your zip code or your latitude and longitude location from your GPS and get the azimuth and degrees where you need to point your dish… set it on a flat surface and you should get signal right away. The SF1000 Satellite finder makes things easier.. it gets powered from your receiver and you run it inline. It makes a sound / tone when you find signal. No need to run inside or yell at each other “does it work now?!?!” Just sweep the dish / hunt until you find tone… It’s really quick. There is a level adjust… you turn it until you hear tone.. then back off a little until the tone goes away… then sweep your dish azimuth (turn your damn dish side to side) until you hear tone again. If you need to get on the go and don’t want to spend $1400 on a permanent roof install in an RV.. or want something you can take in the truck, car, etc.. to a location where you want your programming… the RD-9046 is a great (and fairly cheap) system.
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