Poljot Aviator Alarm Sport Watch

Poljot Aviator Alarm Sport 2612/3041257 $300. Sapphire glass. Alarm. 18 ruby jewels. Water resistant 50 M or 5 ATM. Shock protection. The first wrist watch that was developed for the masses hit the market around 1920. They of course were mechanical wind up watches. Then in 1947 the first alarm watch was made (the Vulcan

29 Jan 2008


Picked up Crysis for the PC about 2 weeks ago… Awesome game. Wish I had a faster graphics card. Unfortunately it does not get as much of a boost from the SLi setup as I would have hoped, but runs well on the medium settings.

21 Jan 2008

Picked up a Korg M3 Music Workstation…

Korg M3 w/ RADIAS board / synth option and 320MB ram. $2600 I may as well start a section on all the stuff in the mini studio, It’s mini, but it’s packed full of misc electronic goodies I’ve been collecting out of my large studio since the late 80’s so there are some interesting synths

16 Jan 2008

Casio Pathfinder PAW1300T-7V

Ok I already have this watch, but I wanted it with the Titanium band. so I bought another one. Plus Amazon was blowing it out at $180 shipped. These went as high as $290 not that long ago. Here is the PAW1300 1V, the 7V and a PAW 1200 More info: The new SLIM DESIGN

16 Jan 2008

Vostok Komandirskie Watch…

Vostok Komandirskie $69.95 It uses the Vostok 2416 movement which has been proven reliable over the years. Vostok has been producing watches since 1942. See my article on my Vostok Amphibia for details on it. The Komandirskie case also uses a screw down crown, but is chrome plated vs steel like the Amphibia. The dial

03 Jan 2008

Traser / MB Microtec P6502 H3 watch…

Traser / MB Microtec P6502 w/H3 Illumination, Stainless Back / Diver. $140 – $320. #P6502.420.32.01 . This is my second Traser watch, my first being the ETA automatic classic. This time I wanted something lightweight and quartz. A “go-to beater” with nice H3 tritium illumination. The P6502 fit the bill. For those that don’t know

15 Dec 2007

Vostok Amphibian Automatic Dive Watch…

Vostok Ministry Amphibian (traditional case) $40 – $69 The Russian watch collection continues with the Vostok Amphibian. It uses the Vostok 2416 movement which has been proven reliable over the years. Vostok has been producing watches since 1942. The “Amphibian” model made it’s splash in the late 1960’s and it’s still being sold to this

12 Dec 2007

Vostok Europe Arktika Automatic Watch…

Vostok Europe Arktika Automatic #827 of 3000. ~$300 – $350 Limited to 3000 PCS. When I first saw the Arktika automatic almost a year ago I’ve always wanted to pick one up. Well I decided what the hell. I’m glad I did. It’s a great timepiece. It’s like a chunk of fashioned shaped steel on

10 Dec 2007

Kill A Watt electricity usage monitor…

Kill A Watt electricity usage monitor. $20 – $30 If you’re like me you’re probably interested in saving money on your electric bill. Of course saving energy is better for the environment. But I’m going to be honest and say that saving money is my main motivation. And it’s also nice to know exactly how

06 Dec 2007

Little Caesars Deep Dish $6…

Not the best Pizza on the planet… but the best for $6.

02 Dec 2007
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