Casio Pathfinder Watch PAW1500T-7V

Casio Pathfinder PAW1500T-7V Retail $400. My PAW1500 review below is more of a comparison of this new Casio Pathfinder watch to it’s older brothers. You can read about them and all their features by clicking my “watches” category on the right side menu. I’ve been waiting for this watch for about a year now. Not

03 Jun 2008

Toshiba U405-S2830 new “Fusion Finish” Notebook Computer…

Toshiba U405-S2830 Notebook Pc $999 – $1140 Brief Review: The reasons I got it ? Small size 13.3″, nice screen, nice keyboard, 3 USB ports, firewire, etc.. (great amount of ports for the 13″ form factor), easy to access hard drive slot (to replace it), 4.5Lbs weight and yes it has a cool new look

18 May 2008

Video Game Chair – PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless with Subwoofer – Pyramat

Everything Furniture Pyramat PC Gaming Chair 2.1 Wireless with Subwoofer $159 Video Game Chairs My friend at Everything Furniture told me about this cool new chair that was a “PC Gaming Chair” that had these built in speakers, subwoofer and was wireless to boot. After a brief description I had to have one to see

14 May 2008

Front Office re-model completed… Total power consumption ~700 watts…

Click here for larger photo You can visit a few posts down to see what it looked like before. Two main reasons for the remodel was to give the office a taller ceiling for a more open work atmosphere in the same space. The second reason is to “go green” the most we can primarily

11 May 2008

Front Office re-model almost finished…

In case you were wondering why no updates for the past few days… I’ve been working on the front office… pics up soon ! THIS IS THE BEFORE SHOT… BEFORE SHOT what the office looked like above before the remodel… Construction began about 2 weeks ago now. I am taking down the drop ceiling and

05 May 2008

Everything Furniture Officestar 25004 Mesh Black Chair…

Everything Furniture Office Star – 25004 – Mesh Back $573. Office Chairs. This chair is pimp. It’s one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve owned. It’s great for hours of sitting on your butt programming, gaming or even watching TV. With a foot stool it can double as a make shift recliner since it can

15 Apr 2008

Added a 320Gig drive and Vista Ultimate to the Macbook Pro…

The macbook pro is a great machine, and it runs Vista flawlessly but a few months back 150 gig was the biggest apple offering. Today you can go with 250 gigs, but 320 gigs is the new dog on the block at the time of this writing. It’s only $179. Having around 150 gigs for

03 Apr 2008

Sony AR750 17″ Laptop Computer

Sony Vaio AR750 E/B Laptop. Intel T8100, 4 Gigs Ram, 320 Gig HD’s, Blue Ray Disc player, 17″ WXGA Display. Street price ~ $1999 This is the refresh of the Sony AR line that includes the new 35 watt dual core 45nm Penryn processors from Intel. The new lower end processors feature the 3 meg

14 Mar 2008

Glock 30 .45 ACP Compact…

Glock 30 .45ACP Compact. $599 – $675 (depending on your state’s fees, etc) Some folks wanted me to start taking pics of some of my handguns, so figure start with some recent purchases and work my way back. Here is a Glock 30 I picked up recently. I LOVE (love) the .45 ACP round and

07 Mar 2008

Green Burrito / Carls Jr.: Big Chicken Burrito Combo $6.99…

Eat and drink this and you instantly add 4 pounds to your weight.

17 Feb 2008
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